The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at Newports Institute of Communications and Economics is a department responsible for ensuring and enhancing the quality of education and research at the institution. The QEC plays a vital role in monitoring and improving the academic standards, processes, and practices within the institute. The cell deals with the following:

1. Accreditation and Quality Assurance: The QEC works towards obtaining and maintaining accreditation from relevant educational authorities or accrediting bodies. They ensure compliance with quality standards set by these organizations.

2. Policy Development: The QEC develops and reviews policies and procedures related to academic quality assurance, assessment, curriculum development, and student support services. These policies aim to improve the overall educational experience and outcomes for students.

3. Curriculum Review and Development: The QEC collaborates with faculty members to review and update existing curricula to align with changing industry demands, technological advancements, and educational trends. They also ensure that the curriculum meets the required quality standards.

4. Learning and Teaching Enhancement: The QEC promotes effective teaching and learning practices by organizing faculty development programs, workshops, and seminars. They facilitate the implementation of innovative teaching methodologies and technologies to enhance the learning experience.

5. Assessment and Evaluation: The QEC establishes mechanisms for the assessment and evaluation of student learning outcomes. This includes designing and implementing assessment tools, conducting examinations, analyzing results, and providing feedback for continuous improvement.

6. Institutional Research: The QEC conducts research and surveys to gather data on various aspects of education quality, student satisfaction, and institutional performance. They analyze the collected data and provide recommendations for improvement based on the findings.

7. Internal and External Reviews: The QEC coordinates internal and external reviews or audits to evaluate the effectiveness of quality assurance processes and identify areas for improvement. They may also conduct peer reviews and benchmarking exercises with other educational institutions.

8. Continuous Improvement: The QEC promotes a culture of continuous improvement within the institute by facilitating self-assessment and quality enhancement activities. They encourage feedback from stakeholders and use it to drive positive changes in educational practices and institutional policies.

Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) of Newports Institute is committed to enhancing the quality of education in each and every department in the fulfilment of requirement and satisfaction of its students and faculty. Quality Education has always been the prime focus of Newports Institute of Communications and Economics to ensure the quality of education and its continuous improvement. To achieve this goal, NICE’s Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) has produced effective results in elevating the quality and standards of our academic programs, teaching practices, research and publication.

Zainab Taiyyeba alias Huma Bukhari
Director QEC

Madam Zainab Taiyyeba alias Huma Bukhari     Director

Mr. Muhammad Islam     Deputy Director

Ms. Zeerak Fatima     Assistant Director

Mr. Syed Asad Ibn e Hashim Zaidi     Data Analyst

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