Help desk

The Library Help Desk at the Newport Institute of Communications & Economics aims to provide efficient and effective support to patrons regarding various library services. The following details outline the assistance available at the Help Desk.

Patrons can approach the Help Desk to request relevant books, reference books, and magazines. Library staff will assist in locating and retrieving the requested materials, ensuring prompt access to the required resources.

Printing Assistance: The Help Desk provides guidance and troubleshooting support related to printing services within the library. Patrons can seek assistance with printer setup, document formatting, and resolving printing issues.

Enabling Internet on Digital Devices: Library staff can assist patrons in connecting their digital devices to the library’s Wi-Fi network, enabling access to online resources and research tools.

Self-Service Portal Support: The Help Desk is available to provide guidance and support for navigating the library’s self-service portal. Patrons can seek assistance in using the portal to renew borrowed materials, check their borrowing history, and access online resources.

The Newport Institute of Communications & Economics Library is committed to facilitating academic excellence by providing a conducive environment for learning and research. With its HEC recognized journals, diverse book and magazine collection, borrowing facility, and digital library, it serves as a valuable hub of knowledge and information for the entire institute community.

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