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Co-Chairperson's messsage

It is acknowledged that the development of knowledge, wisdom and awareness is crucial to human flourishing. Development of knowledge leads to a better understanding and comprehension of the world around us, as well as an ability to apply that knowledge to various situations and contexts. It provides us with the ability to make informed decisions about our lives and the lives of others.

The development of wisdom allows us to better manage our thinking and behaviors, while also developing our ability to reflect on our experiences and learn from our mistakes. A wise person recognizes his or her own limitations and strengths, as well as being open to the ideas and perspectives of others. This enables him/her to understand and appreciate a wide range of perspectives and life situations. The development of self-awareness is another important element of wisdom that allows us to know ourselves on a deeper level and take responsibility for our actions. It also enables us to develop a deeper understanding of our own emotions and the motives behind our thoughts and actions.

Through the inclusion of knowledge, wisdom, and awareness in the education curriculum, our students can be prepared for a promising future by having developed their skills and knowledge.

Zainab Taiyyeba alias Huma Bukhari
Board of Governors
Newports Institute of Communications and Economics

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